Home Groups

Life was not meant to be lived alone! Home Groups are small groups that meet together and grow in faith. We actively participate in community and we are committed to pursuing a deeper, transforming relationship with God together through prayer, studying Scripture, and living life together. For more information on small groups, please contact the church office or email matt@redwoodchristian.org.

Our Home Groups

We currently have the following groups meeting throughout the week. For more information, or to see which group would work best for you, please contact our Home Groups Director, Matt Hamb.


  • Ladies' Group - 10:30 am at the church
  • Williams Group - 5:00 pm at the church
  • Witten Group - 6:00 in Grants Pass (Redwood Elementary area)
  • Gutekunst Group - 7:00 pm in Selma


  • Adventure Life Group - 7:00 pm in Murphy


  • Brown/Snyder Group - 6:30 pm Grants Pass (Eastside GP)


  • Holland Group - 7:00 pm in Grants Pass (Allen Creek area)